Know-how in Motion

We campaign for our customers' success. That is also documented in the high performance in electronics:

  • smoke and heat ventilation control centrals and buttons
  • 24 V- and 230 V-spindle drives and chain drives
  • smoke detectors
  • ventilation buttons
  • thermostats
  • rain or wind/rain detectors
  • as well as a large equipment

All components are developed and produced inhouse. Therefore we make use of the most modern authoring tools for the printed circuit board (pcb) layout.

electronics - functional check

Know-how in Motion

The printed circuit boards are carefully populated in the manufacturing and afterwards every device is subjected to an intensive functional check. This also applies to the motors, which are subjected to a real hardness test on our own test plant. For the production of mechanical components CNC-automats complete the large machine park.

230 V motor opener

230 V Motor Openers

230 V motor openers are electrical linear actuators for opening and closing of skylight domes and roof flaps. Thereby they conduce to the natural ventilation. On the basis of long lasting experience and technical accuracy we manufacture high-quality 230 V motor openers from 500 N to 5000 N with different strokes. In numerous application areas they stand for safety and reliability.

24 V motor opener

24 V Motor Openers

24 V motor openers guarantee the opening and closing of skylight domes, roof flaps and windows for the natural smoke and heat ventilation as well as the daily ventilation. Since years we are manufacturing a large repertoire of high-quality standard-actuators from 650 N to 2500 N. Here safety and reliability rank first. Special drives for opening systems with up to 5000 N also belong to the range of products.

wind- and rain detector

Wind- and Rain Detectors

We manufacture precise and reliable control centrals for a sensitive and dependable detection. For rain. As well as for wind and rain. Our large business activities comprehend single devices als well as modular combinations for individual requirements. There is an optimal solution for every specific task.

Smoke and heat ventilation control unit

Smoke and Heat Ventilation Control Units

Smoke and heat ventilation control units (control panel for SHEVs) care for a secured smoke evacuation. In this connection operation, safety and reliability are very important. That is what our control panels stand for. Market-wide.

Our range offers from 2 to 75 ampere in one smoke and heat ventilation group to the point of individual solutions on the basis of modular control panels. It is possible to individualize every product solution with the large equipment.

Equipment of control panels

Equipment of Control Panels

Smoke and heat ventilation systems display specific tasks. That is why we offer a large equipment for every technical requirement to or customers. Our smoke and heat ventilation systems can be upgraded for all kinds of tasks, from the smoke and heat ventilation push-button to the point of optical smoke detectors.


Opening Mechanisms

The opening mechanism with electrical actuator - like for instance the BDSTE (electrical metal plate-turn-swivel-system) - is one more of JOFO's developments. In 2007 the motor powered opening-system is generated, the so-called MTJ (motor system JOFO). In the future innovative new developments shall be continued.


Opening mechanisms with electric actuator

The GMTJ with the rotatory electric actuator connects a high design standard with excellent performance. At lowest current consumption great flap weights and heavy snow/wind loads can be moved safely and reliably.

The slim and closed construction fits perfectly into your device.