pneumatic cylinder

Everytime the optimal Solution

The employees, the know-how and the close partnership with our customers make the difference.
The result are custom-made pneumatic solutions for:

  • skylight domes
  • louvre systems
  • double flaps
  • windows
  • and glass builing

Every project requires intelligent concepts. That's why a specialization is indispensable, like for example in the ventilation control in combination with ventilation and smoke and heat control, activation by automation control system, bus technology or central indicating equipment (CIE).

As a team player we implement the ideas of our customers high specialized and target-oriented.


CO2-Alarm boxes

Control boxes perform central tasks in manifold areas. We manufacture control boxes for all kinds of markets, custom-made for individual use. Thereby our repertoire ranges from "OPEN", the simplest type of CO2-activation, up to the "OPEN/CLOSE"-type with reversing valve and remote initiation places in different boxes.

In order to increase our productivity and the associated delivery readiness for our customers, we have adjusted our CO2 alarm boxes as part of the further development. Functionality and the external appearance has remained unchanged!

Thermal valve

Thermal Valves

Thermal valves conduce to the automatic opening of the natural smoke and heat ventilation system. We manufacture different types as well as a widespread peripheral equipment to guarantee safety and reliability for every situation. Thereby a secured fire detection in every range of use is possible.

Control Valves

Pneumatic Valves

Pneumatic valves are main components of natural ventilation and the smoke and heat ventilation control. Their functions are versatile. You find proper answers to all questions of uses and requirements. The quality, quantity and diversity of our offer convince in every assignment of tasks.

pneumatic cylinder

Pneumatic Cylinders

Pneumatic cylinders compose the actuation for linear actions. Their working fluid is compressed air. For more than 40 years in this field we offer to our customers a large portfolio of different types with and without locking devices, diameter of pistons from 32 up to 80 mm as wess as customers-specific solutions.

Pneumatic cylinder

Pneumatic-Component Parts

Every use is different. Good solutions adapt to their task individually. That is why we make a large spectrum of peripheral equipment from connectors up to air exhaust valves for our customers. Thereby it is possible to adapt systems for every specific requirement exactly.

opening mechanism

Opening Mechanisms with pneumatic cylinders

We know the requirements of the market and we develop the adequate solutions. Yesterday. Today. Tomorrow. So the opening system with one pipe actuator and oildamper or with just one pneumatic actuator - like the DST (turn/swivel system) - are just two of many other successful JOFO developments. All systems are developed according to the European standard EN 12101-2.


Opening mechanisms with pneumatic actuator

The GMTJ with the rotatory pneumatic actuator connects a high design standard with excellent performance. At lowest system pressure great flap weights and heavy snow/wind loads can be moved safely and reliably.

The slim and closed construction fits perfectly into your device.